Lawns in Spring

Early Spring

Tip; Scarify the lawn thoroughly to remove all moss and accumulated debris.

Mid Spring

Tip; Begin weekly mowing with the mower blades set high to get the annual growth off to a good start.

Late Spring

Tip; Reseed lawn after scarifying to fill in any bare patches.

Lawns in Summer

Early Summer

Tip: Mow twice a week but if very dry only once a week to acheive a better finish.

Mid Summer

Tip: After mowing spike heavily to avoid compaction and trim the edges to keep paths clear, water as required. Use a sprinkler system to water your lawn in very dry weather.

Late Summer

Tip: Continue to mow regularly. This is the time to prepare a site for laying a new lawn in October to ensure that your new planting takes.

Lawns in Autumn

Early Autumn

Tip; This is the best time to sow your new lawn into a site which was prepared in September and will give you a lush lawn the following year. GRASS SEED

Mid Autumn

Tip; Make your last weekly mow and pick up any windfall apples and leaves to maintain a clean and strong lawn.

Late Autumn

Tip; Continue to mow if the weather stays warm and trim edges to keep lawn looking tidy.  

Lawns in Winter

Early Winter

Tip; service tools before winter storage.Clean mower housing and sharpen blades if necessary.


Mid Winter

Tip; Try to avoid walking on frost covered lawns so that grass plants stay strong and undamaged.


Late Winter

Tip; Rake lawns to remove moss and scatter worm casts that may have accumulated.


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