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A pressure washer, or power washer is basically a pump which puts water under pressure powered by either an electric motor or a petrol or diesel engine.Electric induction motors are quieter, cooler and more durable.Most electric pressure washers have a trigger operated release which cuts the motor therefore saving electricity and noise and protecting the machine from damage.

The water comes through a tube or wand with a nozzle which controls how the water is spread; jet or fan pattern normally.The pump is operated by a trigger on the wand .Turbo nozzles are not recommended for cars as they can leave streaks or even damage paintwork, but they are ideal for patio and driveways

pressure washers are rated by 2 specifications;

  • Pounds per square inch or psi (the amount of dirt loosening power)
  • Litres per minute or hour (the water flow rate)

A pressure washer with a high psi rate can still take a long time to do the job if the water flow rate is too low and for some tasks it is a positive disadvantage to have very high pressure eg. it can damage paint surfaces and roughen wood. The best option would be to have a pressure washer with adjustable pressure settings and interchangeable nozzles.

It is a good idea to purchase a pressure washer with a little more power than you may actually need because by running the machine at full blast can wear it out prematurely.

Consider that an average garden hose delivers approximately 40 psi.Here is a rough guide to the pressure you might require;

  • 1000 - 1500 psi for washing cars,bikes,garden furniture, barbecues
  • 1400 - 1850 psi for patio and small deck cleaning, autos,bikes,boats, caravans,agricultural machinery
  • 2000 - 3000 psi for large patio/deckareas walls and fences,large vehicles,HGVs
  • 2800 - 4000 psi for stained concrete or for stripping paint, industrial, agricultural, commercial

In general a more powerful pressure washer with a higher flow rate will save you time too.

Most commercial and domestic pressure washer only use cold water as water above a certain temperateure (approx. 140 degrees Fahrenheit) can damage the machine. If you need to use hot water it would probably be better to rent an appropriate machine.

Electric or Fuel ?

Electric pressure washers are better for small jobs and can even be used indoors. They are lighter and more manoeuvrable, non polluting, and quieter to run with no starting problems.They also cost less to buy. However they can only be used within about 100 ft from a power socket and are usually less robust and durable.

Petrol and Deisel pressure washers are built for the big jobs and are usually heavier and require more maintenance but they do provide the most power. They are noisier and can emit fumes and there is always the risk of spillages whilst refuelling. You can, of course use them anywhere as there is no need for an electricity supply.





















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