Robomow RC312 lawnmower

Suitable for lawns up to 600 sq m this stylish and compact lawn mower has a base station which can easily be stored out of sight. With Blutooth connectivity too this mowers features can all be managed from your smartphone. Its powerful motor and reversible blades will maintain the pristine condition of your lawn. It has a lithium-ion battery (LifeP04)



WORX WG790E.1 28V 18cm Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower  

Take it out of the box and it is ready to mow. Select the programme and press start. You can program mowing days and times and if it should start to rain too heavily this robotic lawnmower will return to its docking station.

No need for a grass box as this mower cuts little and often mulching and returningthe nutrients back into the lawn. The intelligence technology ensures that this lawnmower can avoid obstacles and negotiate all areas and terrains, around ponds and accross paths. It has a powerful 28v Lithium-ion battery and when the charge is low the lawnmower returns to its docking station automatically to recharge.

Should the mower be lifted the safety sensor stops the centrally located blade immediately. The clever integral security feature ensures that this lawnmower will not function if removed from your garden boundaries without first entering your personal pin number.




Flymo Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower 1200 R

This robotic mower can tackle lawn areas of up to 400 sq m. It weighs 16kg and comes with lithium ion battery and charger station.


Bosch Indego Cordless Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower

Capable of tackling up to 35 degree slopes this cordless mower is very quiet and with its intelligent navigation it measures and calculates the shortest routes around your garden to acheive parallel lines, but can avoid obstacles, fallen branches etc. This mower can charge itself and can be used in most weather conditions. 





Husqvarna 105 automower  

A fully automatic lawnmower suited to smaller or more intricate grass areas it is stylish, compact and lightweight. The mower returns to its base when the battery needs recharging, which takes 90 mnutes and the mower has a cutting time of 1 hour.Easily programmable this lawnmower is designed to work in all weather conditions and there are no piles of grass cuttings to deal with, no fuel costs, no noise, and none of your time spent mowing the lawn.


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