Lithium Ion batteries are smaller and lighter and have a higher density than NiCD / NIMH batteries so there is less fatigue suffered by the user.With ordinary batteries it is recommended that they be fully discharged before recharging but Lithium ion batteries have a very slow dicharge rate so will always be ready to use without having to wait for the battery to charge. Even after 90 days without use a charged Lithium ion battery will still have 80per cent of its charge, compared to 10 per cent with an ordinary battery.Lithium ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect and so can be recharged at any stage.Lithium ion batteries do not suffer from cold temperatures, nor are they harmful to the environment and can be recycled..


Bosch Rotak 32 LI Ergoflex Cordless 36 Volt Lithium-ion Rotary Lawnmower (32 cm Cutting Width)  

Fully charged in 80 minutes this Bosch battery driven cordless lawnmower features Ergo grip multi function handles for effortless control and with inset front wheels enabling you to cut right up to and over the edge of your lawn. The cutting heights are adjustable by a single lever and range from 20 to 70mm. An integrated rear roller will give you a neat classic striped lawn and the grass collection box holds up to 31 litres. Weighing just 9.9kg this lawnmower is easy to carry and to store.



Einhell GE-CM 36 Li Power X-Change 36V Lithium Cordless Ion Lawnmower

This cordless lawnmower is ideal for all lawns up to 300 sq metres and benefits from the Power X change battery system, which means that the batteries are interchangeable between all Einhell battery operated power tools in the Power X change family. There is a 6 position hcutting height adjustment and an indicator which displays the battery level at a glance. The 40 litre grassbox also has a fill indicator. The large rear wheels make its operation even easier and there is lesswear and tear on the lawn. The maximum running time is 30 minutes and charging time is 1 hour. This lawnmower weighs 16.9kg. It comes with 2 Lithium ion batteries

Mountfield Princess Princess 34Li 34cm (13.4") Cordless 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower

Very quiet running,this cordless lawnmower has a Lithium ion power pack, one powerful 48V battery, and comes with a charger. There is a rear roller on this machine to give an excellent striped lawn when used on lower cutting heights, which range from 25 to 75mm with 6 adjustments all from a single point. This lawnmower can work for you in 3 different ways. Firstly it can cut and collect in its 35 litre grass cillector, which has an indicator window. Secondly it can discharge the clippings to the rear with the grass deflector flap in position and thirdly it can mulch the clippings using the mulching plug which is supplied.Under the deck is an anti scalp comb which is designed to improve the cut and help collection.This lawnmowwer comes with a 2 year warranty.

Greenworks Tools 40 V Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawnmower with 2 x 2Ah Batteries and Charger 2504707uc 41 cm 

This battery operated cordless lawnmower has 5 cutting heights from 40 to 70mm and a grass collector which holds 50 litres. It uses 2 x 2Ah batteries and is capable of cutting up to 300 sq metres of lawn. It has a 2 in 1 function in that it can collect or mulch the grass clippings. It has a 41cm steel blade and a shock proof motor. There is a top grab handle making it easy to carry.The handle folds down for ease of storage


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